Child Playing with BlocksPlay therapy is generally employed with children aged 3 through 12 and provides a means for them to express their experiences and feelings through a child’s natural language of play.  A Play Therapist works in a way that honors the unique development level of each child. Through Play Therapy, play is used to help children express what is troubling them when they are unable to verbally communicate their thoughts and feelings. The Play Therapist can teach more adaptive behaviors through playful means when there are emotional or social skill deficits.

Play Therapy has been demonstrated to be an effective therapeutic approach for many children’s problems including the following:

  • Emotional adjustment to significant life changes such as divorce, family moves, death of family member or friends, and other difficult changes.
  • Behavioral problems such as anger management, excessive worry, depression, and anxiety.
  • Recovery and healing from stressful or traumatic experiences.

Additional Play Therapy Information

To learn more about play therapy, please consider watching this video created by the Association for Play Therapy:

You may also want to explore this information for parents on the Association for Play Therapy web site.